Odessa is one of a few communities its size fortunate to have a medical center inclusive of a hospital, long term care services, assisted living primary care (Odessa Rural Health Clinic) and ambulance services. Lincoln County Hospital District #1, doing business as Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center, serves the residents of Odessa and the surrounding area.
The full time medical team –Linda Powell, MD and Danny Jones, PA-C – is complemented with support of occasional office hours and emergency department coverage by Craig Olson, MD. In addition, other qualified physicians will serve in the clinic and emergency room to relieve the full time clinicians.
Deanna Davidson, DO is a general surgeon holding weekly office hours at the Odessa Rural Health Clinic. She performs routine colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures at OMHC.
Soren Olson, MD and Alan Danielson, MD are orthopedists from the Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists in Spokane who come to Odessa approximately every 6 weeks to help patients avoid the need to travel long distances to meet non-urgent needs.
OMHC is a 25-bed hospital which routinely has a census of approximately 22 long term care residents in addition to acute, observation, emergency and outpatients. Two OMHC nurses are specially trained in wound care for patients who require frequent wound treatment. Local residents find the wound care and OMHC’s outpatient infusion program beneficial to avoid frequent and distant travel.
The rehabilitation department offers physical therapy and occupational therapy on an inpatient and outpatient basis, and also provides massage therapy by appointment.
Quail Court is a 12-bed assisted living facility, built in 1998. It supports community members’ willingness to age in place and stay near family and friends when the chores of living independently become too burdensome. Each apartment is equipped with a kitchenette, private bath, individual heat and cooling. Meals are provided and group activities are offered.
The medical community in Odessa includes chiropractic and dental care as well.
The Odessa Healthcare Foundation hosts an annual fundraiser on the first Friday in May to support the needs of the community as they relate to health. The wine and microbrew tasting party is held at Odessa’s Community Center, with beer provided by Odessa’s own Rocky Coulee Brewing Company. The evening includes both silent and live auctions, heavy hors d’oeuvres and a great time for all!
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