Welcome to Odessa Washington, the home of the Inland Northwest’s premier ethnic heritage festival, Deutschesfest, the Desert 100 endurance motorcycle race and the worlds newest and most unique biodiesel manufacturing facility.
Odessa is a great place to work and play. We like it here, and we think you will too. Come visit us anytime.
The Odessa Chamber of Commerce congratulates The Odessa School District on their recent accomplishments:
•    Washington State School Of Distinction
•     U. S. News and World Report “Bronze” school
•    Scholastic Cup Champion for 1B schools sponsored by WIAA
•    US Department of Education selected Jeff Wehr, HS Science, as a American Star teacher, one of only 50 across the nation
•     WASL scores in grades 3,4,5,7, 8, 10 continue to be above state averages in nearly every category