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Lincoln County

Visit Lincoln County for all information including District Court, Election, and Sheriff details.

Odessa, WA Homepage
Odessa is the second largest municipality in Lincoln County, located in the southwest corner of the county.

Visit for information regarding the town, events happening in Odessa, and details about Town Hall.

Odessa Public Development Authority
The Odessa Public Development Authority has created the Odessa Industrial Park, by building the infrastructure supporting businesses, providing low cost financing for new building construction etc. The first business in the Odessa Industrial Park, North Basin Seed, is a native grass seed cleaning and marketing company.

Visit the OPDA for the latest information.

Odessa School District
The Odessa School District offers small classes with a professional staff and faculty incorporating community involvement in many activities. The Odessa School District covers approximately 631 square miles, over parts of three counties, Lincoln, Adams, and Grant.

Odessa is proud of the full range of learning offered to students. Small class size, academic freedom, climate for innovation, and well-stocked resource material centers characterize the schools of Odessa. As well as the elementary basic classroom teaching and a wide variety of offerings in the high school, Odessa has a special education program, Title I, Part A and LAP remedial programs in reading and math, 1-8 highly capable program, vocational business and agriculture science programs, and offers Running Start program for Juniors and Seniors.

Visit the Odessa School District for the latest information.

Odessa PTO

Visit the PTO’s Facebook page for the latest information.

Fronen Steppdecker, The Odessa Quilt Club
The Odessa Quilt Club meets every Monday at 1pm, and at 7pm, in the workshop at the Odessa Historiches Museum Barn. All are welcome, there are no membership dues.

Visit Fronen Steppdecker to find information in regards to meeting times and events.

We are a family oriented, off-road, motorcycle club that loves to have fun. Promoting motorcycling and the safe use of motorcycles is one of our main goals. We were founded in 1967 and are one of the largest driving forces in off-road motorcycle events in the Puget Sound area. We promote many of the most well known motorcycle events that enthusiasts look forward to each year.

With the main purpose of the club to “HAVE FUN” we also have club fun days on a monthly basis. Each and every month one or more of our members puts together an event exclusive to club members, family and friends. With FUN in mind these events range from trail rides, poker runs, camp outs, and occasionally a nice relaxing barbecue.

Visit Stumpjumpers for the latest information.