42nd Fest in the Books

With the 42nd Deutschesfest wrapping up, the locals had a few minutes to reflect on the weekend.  As the booths were shut down and the saw dust swept up, the buzz around Odessa was that Fest did a-okay.

Reports are still flowing in from the various organizations that help support the three day event with various crafts and ethnic foods, but the word is numbers are up!  We are happy to hear and extremely proud of the efforts displayed not only to the vendors that traveled to fest, but also to you, the patrons who came and shared the 42nd with us.

We hope you enjoyed fest as much as we did and were excited to see and experience the new attractions and venues.  We couldn’t be happier with the new outdoor stage at the Fest Platz that the Lions Club spent many late nights building.  It looks amazing.  We cannot wait to see what you have planned next.

The Biergarten co-chairs, Dejay Buck and Jennifer Martin did a fantastic job keeping the traditions alive.  Without them or their team putting in the hours that they do, fest would never happen.

We have some big plans for next year and many years to come.  Our goal is to make the 43rd Deutschesfest the best Deutschesfest that you have ever experienced.  That also goes for the 44th, 45th, 46th and so on!  We hope that you had a great experience this year and can’t wait to see you next year!